Dermal Fillers

Losing volume in your face as you age doesn’t mean that you’ll never look like your ideal self again. With top-of-the-line dermal fillers such as Restylane® products, Bellafill®, and Radiesse®, Charles J. Brown, MD, FAAD, and the team at Dilworth Dermatology and Laser in Charlotte, North Carolina, can help you regain the natural-looking facial fullness of your youth. To learn more about how dermal fillers can improve your appearance, call or schedule an appointment online today.

Dermal Fillers Q & A

What are dermal fillers?

Dermal fillers are injectable substances that are used to restore fullness to your face and make you look younger.

As you age, your face loses volume and your skin loosens, causing wrinkles and lines. These features are the typical indicators of age and, while they can be charming, they tend to draw your eye when you look in the mirror. Dermal fillers are injected into sunken or wrinkled areas to smooth your skin and make you look younger.

What can dermal fillers do for me?

There are many features that dermal fillers can fix or improve. While many are the results of aging, others are features that you may have had since birth. Common targets for dermal fillers include:

  • Thin lips
  • Sunken cheeks
  • Wrinkles
  • Lines
  • Lower eyelid shadows
  • Shallow facial contours
  • Scars

If you have other features that you think would benefit from dermal filler injections, the team at Dilworth Dermatology and Laser can assess your needs and determine if fillers are your best option.

What types of dermal fillers are available?

Dilworth Dermatology and Laser offers a wide variety of dermal fillers including:

  • Sculptra® (restores facial volume)
  • Restylane LYFT (fills hands and cheeks)
  • Restylane Defyne (fills the lines between your nose and mouth)
  • Restylane Refyne (fills the lines from the corners of your mouth to your chin)
  • Belotero® (restores volume to face and lips)
  • Radiesse (restores volume to the lower part of your face or your hands)
  • Bellafill (fills acne scars and smile lines)

After examining you and discussing your goals, your provider helps you select which type of filler will work best for you to give you the look you want.

Are dermal fillers safe?

Before you sign on for any dermal fillers, it is up to you to determine whether or not the results are worth the risks. While severe side effects are uncommon when the fillers are administered by a trained physician, some potential complications are:

  • Acne breakouts
  • Asymmetry
  • Redness and irritation
  • Lumps
  • Infection
  • Scarring

After selecting the correct filler for your injections, your doctor will give you the specific list of side effects that may occur with it. The side effects of each type of filler depend on its ingredients.

If your face is sunken and wrinkled, dermal fillers can return your youthful plumpness. To learn more about dermal fillers, call or schedule an appointment online at Dilworth Dermatology and Laser today.