Years of expressing your emotions can leave you with unwanted frown lines between your eyes, even if you’re still young. Charles J. Brown, MD, FAAD, offers Dysport® injections at Dilworth Dermatology and Laser in Charlotte, North Carolina, for adults with drastic frown lines who still want full control of their facial expressions. To schedule a consultation for Dysport at Dilworth Dermatology and Laser, call or use the convenient online scheduling tool.

Dysport Q & A

What is Dysport?

Dysport is an injectable prescription medication that smooths the lines on your forehead that develop as you age. These lines are commonly called frown lines and, unlike other wrinkles, many people develop them early in life.

Unlike similar injectables, Dysport does not affect the surrounding area. This means that you won’t look frozen or unnatural after an injection and you can keep the full mobility of your face.

How does Dysport work?

Dysport works by paralyzing and relaxing the muscles in your face that cause the wrinkles on your forehead. While the decreased movement of the area caused by the injections keeps your wrinkles from worsening with muscle use, the results are not permanent. To continue enjoying the results, you can get follow-up injections every few months.

Dysport injection procedures are quick and easy. After the injection, you are free to go home or even back to work since no recovery time is needed.

Am I a candidate for Dysport?

In order to determine if Dysport is safe for you, Dr. Brown takes your medical history and examines you before prescribing you with the injections. You may be a candidate if:

  • You’re under the age of 65
  • You have moderate or severe forehead wrinkles
  • You aren’t allergic to any of the ingredients
  • You haven’t ever had surgery on your face
  • You can smooth your wrinkles by spreading them apart

Like any minimally invasive procedure, you should be generally healthy and aware of any potential side effects. If you aren’t a candidate for Dysport, Dr. Brown can guide you to alternative options with similar results.

Is Dysport affordable?

Dilworth Dermatology and Laser does not charge per unit of Dysport, so you can be sure of the price of your procedure every time. The clinic also offers specials for the treatment as well as the Aspire patient rewards system that allows you to accumulate points and use them toward Dysport and other treatments.

If the lines on your forehead draw your eyes each time you look in the mirror, Dysport injections can smooth them and help you look younger. To find out if you’re a candidate, call or schedule an appointment online at Dilworth Dermatology and Laser today.