3 Females in Swimming Suits Without Cellulite

QWO® (Cellulite Treatment)

Endo Aesthetics’ QWO® (a.k.a. collagenase clostridium histolyticum-aaes) is the first ever FDA approved injectable treatment for cellulite and is now available at Dilworth Dermatology and Laser.

QWO® injections are a minimally invasive cosmetic procedure that goes below the surface of the skin to address the causes of cellulite. The injection targets the bands beneath the skin surface resulting in the smoothing of the skin to improve the appearance of cellulite.


What is QWO®?

  • QWO® is a prescription medicine used to treat moderate to severe cellulite in the buttocks of adult women.

Can you share some before and after images of QWO® patients?

  • Below are before and after images of two QWO® patients. Each patient received three treatments 21-days apart. 
Female Buttocks at Day one of QWO treatment43 year old QWO patient on day 71
52-year old QWO patient before and after
52-year old QWO patient52-year old QWO patient
43-year old QWO patient before and after

Actual patients. Individual results may vary. Unretouched photos were taken before QWO and 28 days after the final treatment.

How many treatments are there?

  • There are three QWO® treatments –one every 3 weeks.

Do I need to expect any downtime after my treatment?

  • In clinical trials, no post-treatment downtime was required. However, individual results may vary.

What is cellulite?

  • Cellulite is a localized alteration in the contour of the skin that has been reported in approximately 90% of adult women of all races and ethnicities.

What causes cellulite?

  • Over time, three completely normal things can happen. Fat cells get larger, skin gets thinner and a little looser, and the fibrous bands under the skin’s surface get thicker, leading to a dimpled appearance.

Who gets cellulite?

  • Women are more likely to have cellulite than men, and it affects women of all shapes, sizes, ages, and races.

Why aren’t men prone to developing cellulite?

  • Men have thicker skin than women do, and their collagen bands are oriented in a crisscross fashion, essentially eliminating the ability of the fat lobules to bulge through. If a man is given estrogen hormones (as in some cancer treatments), they can develop cellulite if there is enough fat.

Are fat and cellulite the same?

  • Fat is not cellulite and does not cause it, but fat cells getting bigger between fibrous bands under the skin can contribute to a bumpy appearance.

What are the side-effects of QWO?

  • The most common side-effects of QWO include injection site bruising, pain, areas of hardness, itching, redness, discoloration, swelling, and warmth in the treatment area. In clinical studies, side effects generally lasted less than three weeks. 

INDICATION AND IMPORTANT SAFETY INFORMATION FOR Qwo® (collagenase clostridium histolyticum-aaes)


QWO® is indicated for the treatment of moderate to severe cellulite in the buttocks of adult women.


QWO® is contraindicated in patients with a history of hypersensitivity to collagenase or to any of the excipients or the presence of infection at the injection sites.


Hypersensitivity Reactions

Serious hypersensitivity reactions including anaphylaxis have been reported with the use of collagenase clostridium histolyticum. If such a reaction occurs, further injection of QWO should be discontinued and appropriate medical therapy immediately instituted. Advise patients to seek immediate medical attention if they experience any symptoms of serious hypersensitivity reactions.

Injection Site Bruising

In clinical trials, 84% of subjects treated with QWO experienced injection site bruising. Subjects with coagulation disorders or using anticoagulant or antiplatelet medications (except those taking ≤150 mg aspirin daily) were excluded from participating in Trials 1 and 2.

QWO should be used with caution in patients with bleeding abnormalities or who are currently being treated with antiplatelet (except those taking ≤150 mg aspirin daily) or anticoagulant therapy.

Substitution of Collagenase Products

QWO must not be substituted with other injectable collagenase products.
QWO is not intended for the treatment of Peyronie’s Disease or Dupuytren’s Contracture.


In clinical trials, the most commonly reported adverse reactions in patients treated with QWO with an incidence ≥ 10% were at the injection site: bruising, pain, nodule and pruritus.