Botox, Dysport and Xeomin are all purified proteins that relax the muscles that create wrinkles on the face. These products are made in Sweden, England and Germany, respectively, and have been safely used worldwide for years both for cosmetic and medical applications. Their modes of action and duration of effect are virtually identical. In addition to the treatment of forehead lines and crow’s feet, they can also be artfully used along the jawline, chin and neck. Excessive underarm and facial sweating, which can be socially embarrassing, also respond quite well to these products.

Our philosophy in the use of these products is that a well-done injection should elicit the question “Does she or doesn’t she?” or “Does he or doesn’t he?” In other words, the naturalness of look and subtlety are goals that we strive for.

Thoughtful use of these products requires detailed knowledge of facial anatomy and how the face changes over time. We never employ a “cookie cutter” injection technique, since human faces are unique and require individual consideration for an optimal outcome.

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