DEKA DOT Therapy laser offers the latest technology in skin resurfacing in just under 30 minutes!

DEKA continues to be leading company of a large high-tech industrial group operating in the optoelectronic sector producing, with its own technology and laser source of different applications.

Hair Removal

DEKA offers a wide range of wavelengths selection that represents the very latest in hair removal technology.
This makes it possible through maximum selectivity, to optimize treatment for every phototype and patient with fine thin and/or fair hair, while also protecting the tissues from undesirable side effects.

Vascular Lesions

Years of experience and constant research in technological and clinical innovation have enabled DEKA to select light sources and pulsed lights for treating vascular lesions on the face, trunk and legs, optimising clinical outcome and minimising the risk of dyschromic and cicatricial effects.
The various wavelengths pass through the skin targeting the anomalous vascular structures deep beneath and selectively irradiate the hemoglobin, thus minimising any interaction with the melanin in the upper layers.

The versatility of the DEKA systems, where laser energy and pulsed light, spot size, duration and shape of the pulse can be selected to match the “gauge” and “haemodynamics” of the vascular dilatation, combined with the integrated cooling systems, are strategic to achieving targeted thermal damage of the various vascular structures.

Body Shaping & Cellulite

Thanks to its proprietary and innovative technologies DEKA marked a turning point in the world market of body contouring solutions for excess localized fat, cellulite appearance, and loose sagging skin.

Body shaping or body contouring are general terms that refer to many different methods to help reshape and rejuvenate different areas of the body.Body shaping, skin tightening and newer cellulite reduction equipment and procedures continue to experience strong growth in interest from both physicians and patients.

In the past, the only answer to this kind of issues has been invasive plastic surgery. Nowadays, non-invasive on mini-invasive technologies are available to remodel the body and achieve a reduction in the size of specific body areas (waist, thighs, buttocks, love handles, etc), increase tone in flabby skin and improve or eliminate the appearance of cellulite.

Acne scars represent a very widespread aesthetic and psychological condition that requires treatment with combined ablative and non-ablative methods in order to achieve satisfactory clinical results and reduce recovery times to a minimum. In fact, scarring from acne involves a thinning of the skin layers and loss of elasticity and tone, the severity of which will depend on the duration of the acne.
Significant improvements require the use of more than one laser source in order to selectively and effectively reach the various depths of the tissue involved in normalizing the skin surface and stimulating new collagen.

Pigmented Lesions

Patients usually want to have benign pigmented skin defects removed for aesthetic reasons. The ideal treatment must, therefore, be effective and at the same time not cause any cicatricial or permanent dyschromic effects. Pigmented lesions can be classed as epidermal, dermal and mixed, depending on the location of the pigment in the skin.

Tattoo Removal

The first tattoos date back over 5,000 years ago as well as the desire to remove them. It is estimated that more than ten million people have been tattooed in the USA alone. Approximately one-third of people with tattoos at some point in their lives decide to remove them. In the past, this desire was always counterbalanced by the risk of permanent scarring, often worse than the tattoos themselves.

The density and depth of the ink are the most important factors influencing the results of tattoo-removing treatment. For example, ink color, and pigment located in depth of skin. The specialist will consult you on how many treatments are needed for you.

How it works

The DEKA system, with its double wavelength, allows several colors to be removed with just one laser. By working in the infrared (1064 nm), black and blue tattoos can be treated whereas green light (532 nm) acts on red and reddish colors.

Skin Tightening
The loss of collagen is evident with the first wrinkles and a progressive loss of skin tone.

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