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Why We Recommend Alastin Products

Alastin SkinCare Restorative Complex

What is Alastin? 

We love being able to offer our patients and community the best in skincare. We chose products that are elegant and appealing and those that have scientific proof of efficacy. When the Alastin line came on the market, they checked off all the boxes. Two of our favorite products are the Regenerating Skin Nectar and the Restorative Skin Complex, containing Tri-Hex technology. 

Shortly after birth, our bodies cease producing elastin. Elastin is the property that gives our skin its “spring-back,” similar to mattress springs. Our collagen breaks down as a result of aging and the effects of our environment and sun exposure. 


How Can I Rebuild Collagen and Elastin?

Alastin has formulated a blend of peptides and other ingredients that they label Tri-Hex Technology. The use of the technology starts a sequence of events in our skin, beginning with supporting the removal of old, damaged collagen and elastin. Once this has started, Tri-Hex will help kickstart and support your body’s rebuilding of collagen and elastin, allowing the cells to mature and clear out other damaged fragments. 

Benefits of Tri-Hex Technology:


Ongoing use will keep your skin looking healthy and fresh. Think of it as fertilizer for your skin. Use of Regenerating Skin Nectar two weeks before and two weeks after laser procedures such as Deka DOT fractional laser, IPL, or when getting fillers, minimizes swelling, redness and shortens overall healing time. We recommend transitioning to Restorative Skin Complex after the two weeks, or if not using in conjunction with a laser procedure or filler, after you finish your bottle of Regenerating Skin Nectar. 

The Restorative Complex helps with collagen and elastin production and helps cells in your face hold onto their fat, giving your skin a more plump and fuller appearance. Restorative Complex contains silver mushroom extract, which is 400x more powerful than hyaluronic acid. Some find they do not need an additional moisturizer when using.  

How to Use Alastin

It is important to note that Alastin products are meant to be used as serums; only two pumps are enough to cover your entire face. You do not need to slather on to reap the rewards.  

These products, as well as the full Alastin line, are available at Dilworth Dermatology and Laser. 

Charlene, RN Dilworth Dermatology and Laser Charlene Rhem, RN Charlene is a Registered Nurse with over 20 years of dermatology experience with an emphasis in laser technology in dermatology.

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