Skincare: Tips for Cleaning Out Your Cabinet

It is okay to throw things away when you are cleaning out your cabinet. Learn tips to use in choosing what stays or what goes during your next cabinet purge.
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Female looking through medicine cabinet trying to clear space

Sometimes we all need to clear out the clutter and purge our skincare products that have stayed a little too long or are using up precious real estate. How do you know what to throw away and what to keep? Here are a few guidelines to follow: 

Check the Expiration

If it is a prescription medication, it usually will have two expirations listed. The date from the pharmacy is one year after filling and is typically found on the prescription label. The other is from the manufacturer, which is usually somewhere on the packaging or the crimp. The manufacturer’s expiration date is the one you should pay attention to. If the medication is in a closed tube, stored without drastic temperature fluctuations, is not discolored or separated, it is probably still safe to use. Be mindful that it may have lost some of its efficacy. 

Containers With Minimal Amounts Remaining

We all do this. We have a product that we enjoy, but for some reason, we don’t get a replacement one, so we decide to “save it.” Or you are almost out, so you buy another and start on the new one before discarding the old one. Please don’t do it! Use it up or throw it away! It adds to clutter and not necessary. 

Products That Don’t Work For You

You’ve tried it, but it doesn’t work for you. What do you do? The wise choice would be to pass it along to a friend or neighbor. The critical thing is to get it out of your house! 

Sample or Trial Sizes

Unless you are a frequent traveler and keep these always stored in quart size ziplock ready for the next trip, these seemingly wonderful-at-the-time gems tend to accumulate until you have a pile and you are unsure what to do with them. Don’t just throw them out; consider donating unused ones to a local charity. 

These few simple rules will get you started on a manageable inventory and leave you feeling less overwhelmed when it comes to your skincare.